Work from Home, Telecommute, Remoting In

Want to work from home? Carroll Computer Connection can help.

Many people are contacting our office wanting to work from home. There are a number of software packages and solutions available, but which solution is the best for you? Will you need to print to the office printer? Will you need to print to your printer at home? Will you need to transfer documents? What about security? How safe is it to work from the local coffee shop? What about computer viruses? Can my home computer contaminate my office network? Will this make my office more vulnerable? Is my information safe?

The truth is that one solution does not work for everyone.  At Carroll Computer Connection, we have been helping people work remotely for over 23 years and have proven technology to allow you to stay home and still be very productive.

It all starts with a phone call to (410) 871-0300!